May 28, 2024

Tips on Playing Lucky Ducky Slot Machine and Winning Some Jackpot

General Information About Lucky Ducky Slots

The fun in playing Lucky Ducky always prompts players to get into the game without experienceTo become an expert in it, you need to decide if it is the game you want to play.

Learning ways of playing these game is not a breeze, though possible. You only need to take time and get the tricks correctly.

Lucky Ducky Slot Machine

Lucky Ducky Game Overview

Lucky Ducky is a part of the VGT Lucky Ducky slot machine, and they share almost the same characteristics. Games such as 777Bourbon, Crazy Cherry, Hot Red Ruby, Smooth as Silk are also in this same line. Apart from having Lucky Duckyion, Lucky Ducky slot shares other properties with these other games. For example, they all have double BAR cherry, 7, triple BAR, and BAR.

Like other games, slot has mechanical reels, similar paytable, with its largest payout as 10,000 x the bet amount. VGT introduced a progressive jackpot in 2015. The jackpot links Lucky Ducky to the other games.

Lucky Ducky Is a Bingo-Class II Slot Machine

It is being found in tribal casinos, it could fall under class II gaming machines. This is according to the India Gaming Act. Here are ways of playing these slot. In class II machines, numbers are fed into the machines, and players compete against each other for one set of prizes, which is different from other games whereby the players compete against the house. You generate the numbers by spinning the reel. Only one player wins the prize, which is one of the Lucky Ducky tricks. Therefore, most of the numbers only win small prizes. Once a player wins, the bingo-style game resets so that you can compete for another set of prizes with the other players.

Usually, a bingo card and the number generated is at the top of the machine when playing it, which is another Lucky Ducky trick. It is this that shows the bingo facet to Lucky Ducky. The difference between Lucky Ducky class II and other classes is that in class III, the players compete against the house. Additionally, their slots create their results through the random numbers generator.

Lucky Ducky Bonus

Lucky Ducky, one of the VGT Lucky Ducky slot machines, offers two sets of bonuses. These include:

  • Red screen re-spin – This bonus happens randomly after a winning spin. The screen usually turns red, and the reels spin automatically. When this happens, you are sure to receive a bonus equal to your win.
  • Pick a duck – This bonus appears after the red screen flashes. It happens when the top case of the cabinet slides, showing a carnival setting with ducks swimming around a pool. You pick a duck and receive credits. Then you are taken back to the main game.


Playing a Lucky Ducky requires intelligence. It is, however, something every potential player can learn. To know ways of playing it, read the above.


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