June 13, 2024

How to Manipulate a Slot Machine and Get Your Winnings

How you can trick slot machine and get your winnings?

There is nothing as hard as winning a jackpot consecutive times in the casinos for slots. While your knowledge of the game may give you an upper hand, it may take time for you to gain the big wins.

How to Manipulate a Slot Machine

Tricks to Manipulate the Machine for Wins


Cheating with the magnet is frequent with the older machines since they are metallic. If you are worried about how to cheat with a magnet on new slots, you may not be lucky. The current ones are computer programmed and are nonmagnetic. Here is the slot hack for the magnetic machines. Spin the reels, and then stop it using a magnet if you see a winning combination. 

Cheat Codes

The slot machine’s source code is usually private. It is through it that the authorities can monitor the efficiency and fairness of games offered. However, the engineers can rig the cheat codes so that they can keep winning. For example, Ronald Dale Harris was able to hack casino slot machines and won for years. It is until his partner’s big win that this malice was detected.


Yo-Yo is one of the unique slot machine tricks cheats. Here is how it is done. You attach a string to a coin and send it to the trigger at the start of a game. After that, you use the string to remove the coin. Though it is one of the slot cheats that are redundant due to the improved technology, it resulted in a big win. 

Computer Chip Replacement

Dennis Nikrasch came up with an idea on how to manipulate a slot machine by changing the computer chip. He did this by buying a slot machine. He manipulated it in his garage to check whether the idea is implementable. Later, he concluded that it is possible to re-program the machines and manipulate them to pay the jackpot by just one tap.

Light Wand

This method was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Unlike other gambling magicians who would use cheating devices for slot machines, he used his light wand to win jackpots. His lights wand was able to blind the optical sensor on slot machines to deactivate it from counting the number of coins deposited in it. Therefore, the machines could not know when and how much to pay.


While the above trick may work to your advantage, it is advisable to play fairly. If you want to get into gambling, learn the rules and fair techniques to win. Above all, observe the gambling regulations.


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